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Coinz is a universal online token solution designed to take care of the little things where other payment systems fail.

The Coinz system protects your credit information, keeps your personal information private, pays royalties for content, rewards loyalty for using Coinz merchant websites and allows you to convert Coinz into real money.

Your information is kept in one place, safe and secure without disclosing it to merchant sites, making it convenient and providing peace of mind.

In today's world consumers prefer not to purchase content that they do not want to see, nor do they wat to be persistently advertised to by products that they do not wish to buy.

Coinz offers a safe, secure and efficient way for both consumers and merchants alike to meet the objective of providing and receiving good quality, uninterrupted content and services without the need of advertising support.

Coinz provides a secure and seamless, universal, token-based solution for digital trades, removing boundaries, currency exchange or the need for multiple user access passwords.

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