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Coinz is a universal token solution allowing customers and merchants alike to take care of the little things. Coinz provides a simple, quick and seamless process for accepting or making micro-payments within both the web and mobile environments.

Utilising a simple and easy to manage account system, Coinz can easily be acquired, used across a multitude of outlets and borders and redeemed for cash, allowing Coinz account holders to purchase securely without the need of multiple payment requests or passwords.

Coinz accounts can be charged with as little as £1.50 via a range of standard payment solutions and real-time secure statements keep track of all activity. Coinz provides an effective “universal token” for all online and mobile purchasing allowing account holders to effectively manage their usage via one secure point.

Loyalty Coinz (Promotional)

With a Coinz account you can instantly start earning Loyalty Coinz from your favourite websites and you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your Loyalty Coinz balance builds up. Through collecting Loyalty Coinz from a wide range of affiliated merchants and interactive advertising, you will soon be able to exchange them for free content and a host of other services.

Royalty Coinz

As a Coinz account holder you can easily upgrade your account to accept Coinz in return for content and services offered or provided by you - online or on mobile. Just apply a Coinz value to any content or services offered and then receive payment each time it is viewed or utilised. All Coinz obtained under the royalty system are redeemable or can be retained for further usage within the Coinz network. If you already have a Coinz account, with a few simple extra steps you can start collecting Royalty Coinz.

Coinz Redemption

Simply login to your Coinz Account, confirm the number of Coinz you wish to redeem and select the currency you wish to receive your payment in. Your Coinz redemption payment will be paid directly into your specified bank account.

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